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While lawn care and snow removal are at the core of keeping a safe and tidy property, what we really love here at Fostercare Property Service is working with plants. Planning, planting, pruning, trimming, fertilizing, pest care and everything that goes into what make a yard YOURS. The way the shade and the sunlight interact, playing in the different levels of colour and foliage, are what really stand out. So please do not hesitate to ask where we can help out in these areas.


As noted above, we offer:

  • Bed conceptual design

  • Planting annual pots and beds

  • Planting shrub and perennial beds

  • Planting trees

  • Plant care including fertilizing, pruning, disease control, and winterizing

  • Bed maintenance including cultivation, amending, and weeding

We look forward to discussing your horticultural needs!

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